Play to Earn Becoming the Most Sought-After Trend in All of Cryptocurrency — How Acura Network is Destined to be the Trading Frontier for This Movement

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5 min readSep 28, 2021


The Swift Uprising of DeFi

Those experienced in the crypto-space are highly aware of the swiftness innate to its growth and development. Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which held a total market capitalization of under $1 billion as recently as the start of last year, has seen a 117x increase in capital injection. The reasons for this quick uprising relate to the superiority these blockchain-based systems have over legacy finances, specifically in their economics, security, and speed of processing capabilities.

The Combination of DeFi and NFT Marks the Advent of DeGaming

NFTs saw a similar exponential rise in recent years, however, there is one trend that is seeing unprecedented onboarding by the masses: Decentralized Gaming (DeGaming). Gamers across the world would once only fantasize about the ability to make real-world earnings by taking part in their favourite online video game, until now. With the advent of DeFi, and the ingenuity of developers to integrate in-game assets into NFTs and, therefore, allow tradability and validation of in-game assets through Blockchain methodologies, this fantasy is now a reality.

It wasn’t really until the final days of June where DeGaming really started to initiate its worldwide propagation in popularity; At which point Axie Infinity led the pack in this regard. DeGaming, once a novel sector of Cryptocurrency, has now become a ~$118 billion industry.

With all of this said, where exactly does Acura Network fit into the DeGame industry’s trailblazing efforts throughout the crypto-space, and how exactly would our fellow community members capitalize on this mass adoption of DeGaming?

DeGaming Investing at an Expert Level: The Acura Network Solution

Well, it is important to note that 3 main blockchains hold the infrastructure necessary to run DeGames optimally: Namely, Polygon, Solana, and to a lesser extent, Binance Smart Chain. We at Acura Network have put in place the most advanced Web 3.0 applications to ensure that our community members will know all of the relevant data necessary to make strategic DeGaming investments within both Polygon and Solana.

Made to Capitalize on DeGaming’s Booming Marketplace

This is an important distinction from other Trading Platforms, where they generalize their algorithmic analysis across the majority of blockchains, and are non-specific to the sector at which they are providing strategic data to their members utilizing their platform. With Acura Network, while we have advanced multi-factorial algorithmic analysis for the full breadth of sectors within Polygon, we have worked meticulously to ensure that our analysis provides data aggregates specific to DeGaming within Polygon and Solana. The results of these data aggregates are insights provided to our members that will inform them of DeGaming trading opportunities that simply surpass the capabilities of any other Trading Platform currently on the market.

We believe that our specificity of analyzing the DeGaming sector, and choice of analyzing the two top-level DeGaming Blockchain hubs, will ensure that our ecosystem will facilitate the highest profitability rates for our members possible within all of cryptocurrency.

How Exactly Does Acura Network Lead the Pack in DeGaming Investing?

To be specific, in an effort for our members to have a general mechanistic understanding of how we are leading the industry in DeGaming analytics, let’s go into some of our data feeds we collect from the DeGaming marketplace. First, we use our proprietary collection methods to obtain RSS feeds from all relevant social media/news relevant to DeGaming, market movements indicative of buy/sell trends throughout the marketplace, Technical Analysis (TA) indicators providing a general probabilistic standpoint on individual DeGaming project’s marketplace movements, as well as analyzing Play-to-Earn metrics for each relevant game so as to understand profitability margins for each player in-game.

Understanding the Intricacies Governing the Success of a DeGame

The final mode of analysis provides exclusive insight into the popularity, profitability, and therefore, the overall capital investment that’s both injected and is stable within that specific DeGame’s server. From these data points, we can extrapolate the most likely short, mid, and long-term potential of each DeGame, and from that can provide insight to our members on how they can best capitalize on these specific DeGaming project’s trends through unique investment strategies.


Put simply, we at Acura Network have redefined the specificity one would normally expect in a simple Trading Platform and automated trading bot. Knowing that DeGames have the potential to reach a cumulative evaluation of trillions of dollars within the coming years, we wanted to ensure that we were first movers in providing an enhanced algorithmic data collection for our community. This effort was so as to provide each of our members the tools necessary to capitalize in this bustling sector of the market as early as possible, so as to maximize the financial strength of our earliest supporters!

We are incredibly excited to be very soon releasing our finished product to our ecosystem, and are ecstatic to see the profitability margins earned by our members who fully utilize our advanced DeGaming market analytic systems.

To learn more about our underlying technology, check out our website here, at which point you can simply access our Whitepaper to obtain an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of our ecosystem.



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