The Ease and Accessibility of DEX Trading, With the Liquidity Assurances of a CEX — The Acura Network Solution

The Ultimate Trading Decision

If one were to choose a CEX, they will enjoy the amenities of nearly endless liquidity and near instant transaction speed, at the cost of having to host on a centralized server that has the potential to become hacked.

On the other hand, a DEX will provide a wide variety of niche tokens that one could not find on a CEX and, therefore, they can take advantage of highly profitable trends early on within the crypto-industry (ie. DeGaming-related tokens). However, a DEX’s liquidity relies on individual investors providing liquidity to the Exchange and, as a result, liquidity is often subpar, which can significantly impact one’s ability to trade between tokens.

The Best of Both Worlds

While we have described some of the most pertinent benefits and downfalls inherent to DEXs and CEXs, there are many more that we need to take into account when considering how Acura Network’ DEX 2.0 platform provides the upgraded co-evolution of these Exchange types.

Legitimacy Versus Early Access to Project Investments

Therefore, we are implementing a significantly lower cost auditing system onto our DEX that will allow the vetting of niche tokens that don’t have the starting capital for a more formalized audit. The end result is that when one trades on the Acura Network DEX 2.0, they will have the DEX-related benefit of having access to niche tokens early on in their economic uprising, whilst being assured that these tokens have been validated and are, therefore, legitimate.

Fast Transaction Speed Versus Being Hack-Proof

Acura Network provides the best of both worlds in regards to trading speed; Our DEX 2.0 transactions are only done on-chain, so as to assure they are hack proof, whilst maintaining CEX-level trading speeds. We are able to do this due to Acura Network being hosted on the Solana blockchain, which is a revolutionary Web 3.0 network that allows throughput so high that it rivals the capabilities of CEXs, but does not succumb to the hackability issues of their associated off-chain servers.

Liquidity Assurances Versus Passive Earning Potential

While this protocol can be quite complex from a mechanistic standpoint, to put simply, we have provided industry-leading incentivization models to ensure the highest proportion of liquidity is inputted into our DEX relative to any other Exchange currently in the marketplace. Additionally, ensuring that liquidity is still provided by individuals means that the passive earning potential inherent to DEXs, which is simply not possible on a CEX, is preserved on our platform.


We believe that this model will revolutionize how Exchanges are utilized within the future of the crypto-space, and are incredibly excited to be the ones to provide this breakthrough technology to the investing world!

To learn more about our underlying technology, check out our website here, at which point you can simply access our Whitepaper to obtain an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of our ecosystem.



Acura Network is the first decentralised matrix that revolutionises DeFi via DeFI2.0. Featuring a new user interface for Dexes and more

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Acura Network

Acura Network is the first decentralised matrix that revolutionises DeFi via DeFI2.0. Featuring a new user interface for Dexes and more