We are proud to announce Polygons full support and join their developers program!

We are super proud to announce that we have received grants from polygon and joined their developers program. This is a huge milestone in achieving the first every redefined and revolutionary decentralised finance ecosystem #DEFI2.0 on polygon.

What do we offer ?
Acura’s powerhouse platform contains an auto liquidity protocol as decentralised exchange, limit orders, stop loss and trial stop loss orders, order books, order fills/cancel orders, charts and analytical tools with scripts for precise analysis, a decentralised exchange explorer -DEXplorer, a telegram price bot for projects on polygon, low fees & high rewarding aggregated yields as well as a bridge all in the one platform. We are not stopping their… We are in the process of building the first mobile application hot wallet and decentralised finance 2.0 protocol at the palm of your fingertips. Enjoy trading and analysing wherever you are on whatever device.



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Acura Network

Acura Network is the first decentralised matrix that revolutionises DeFi via DeFI2.0. Featuring a new user interface for Dexes and more